The Breakdown before the breakthrough

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The Breakdown before the breakthroughIf you have been an entrepreneur any amount of time you are likely very familiar with this phenomena and if you’re not, then this is going to be really great because learning how to navigate this is key to the actual breakthrough and success in your biz!

So, I thought I would get vulnerable for a moment and share with you some insights into this interesting experience.

First off, it seems to happen just about every time you decide to make a new decision and uplevel your life and/or your biz. Things are coasting along quiet well or perhaps not quiet well and you decide you are ready to change what’s not working or to take things to the next level.

For instance, maybe you decide to make an investment in your business, or you decide to take on a new expense like a new car, or new house, etc. You make the decision to do it, you know its the next step for you and then all of sudden the fear, worry, doubt all comes rushing in. You start to question did I make the right decision, am I moving in the wrong direction or what is going on here.

It’s simply resistance, and it shows up differently for everyone, fear, worry, doubt, and it usually manifests as circumstances, you see, whatever your fear is, it usually shows up to confirm that fear or worry or doubt.

For instance, last week I made a new decision to take my business and my life to whole new level in a big way, it required a huge commitment of time, energy, money and other resources in a big way and guess what happened the resistance showed up.

This is nothing new, and the truth is it doesn’t ever really go away, you just get a whole lot better of navigating it when you are aware of what is going on around you so you don’t get caught up in the illusions your ego is creating.

For me, these days it usually shows up in the form of shit breaking, technology, internet, phone, websites down, links not working, order forms not working, you name it, it breaks. I saw it creeping in and caught it within a few hours recognizing that it was simply resistance my ego was creating to distract me from the new decision I made.

You see, when you make a new decision to seriously change what you are doing, for instance, by investing in your business, in my case, to be way more visible, well, that scares the crap out of your ego. Up until now, whatever level of success you are at, your ego is usually okay with because after all, you are still here, alive and breathing so, the ego is doing its job to keep you safe. When you threaten its very existence but taking a risk, deciding to become more visible for instance, investing in your business or whatever, the case may be for you, your ego fights back.

Your ego starts to create all these circumstances to try and keep you safe, it thinks that if you make a change how will it ensure your safety, because whatever you were doing up until now has kept you alive and breathing so, the ego considers its doing a great job. After all, the ego’s job is to keep you safe, no wonder why it shows up every time you make a new decision that would cause you to do something different, its threatened.

Like I said, this never really goes away, but you can get good at recognizing when its happening so that you can stop buying into the illusion of it. The more you focus on it the more you will create your biggest fears, worries and doubts, because your ego knows exactly how to stop you.

If you do not buy into the illusion and keep focused on your new desires the illusions will start to fall away. As soon as I recognized what was going on, things were magically started to work again, within a matter of hours. Although, I have to admit, it wasn’t always this way, I used to get really caught up in the illusions because I was so scared to make the wrong move, to make the wrong investment etc, thankfully I have had some amazing mentors and coaches that were able to help me to navigate those illusions.

Here are some additional tips to help you:

  • Surrender – to your heart, not your ego, let it go and give your desires to the Universe, you have a responsibility to show up and follow your heart, you do NOT have to figure out how your desires will manifest
  • Trust – yourself that what you desire also desires you (more than you even know, our desires are our connection to Source bringing us closer to our true selves) and that the Universe has your back
  • Forgive – yourself for not being perfect, no matter how evolved you are there is always another level, there is nothing wrong with you, you are doing the best you can do
  • Gratitude – for everything you already have in your life, gratitude brings you closer to your desires
  • Action – keep doing everything in your power from the place of expecting to be rewarded for your actions. Don’t just take any action though for the sake of taking action, take action that you are inspired to take when you receive the inspiration

How do you navigate the breakdown before the breakthrough? I would love for you to share with me, feel free to post a comment below J

And, if you’d like some help navigating this for yourself, feel free to contact with me here.

Much love,
xox, Kim


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