The Key to Creating Effective Buzz On and Offline

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Savvy business people know that one of the best ways to get effective, targeted, free advertising is by word of mouth. Word of mouth advertising, also called positive “buzz,” occurs when people speak highly of you to their friends and acquaintances in a way that causes some of those people to either repeat what they have heard or to act on what they have heard and contact you to do business.

Word of mouth has many advantages:

  • It is basically free
  • It is highly effective
  • It feeds off itself – once you get a buzz going it can last for weeks, months or even years

However, while many people understand the value of word of mouth advertising, few know how to make it work effectively and consistently. This is because simply doing a good job or creating a good marketing campaign is not sufficient. When it comes to word of mouth, you have to be memorable.

Perhaps this scenario is familiar: You are laughing with a friend, talking about the events of your day. You remember a really clever ad that you saw, and relate the ad along with the punch line. You and your friend laugh, then mention how you’ve wanted to try out that kind of product or service. Unfortunately for the advertiser, you remember the joke, but not the name.

In this scenario, the advertiser overlooked the most important factor in promotions: Branding.

This is just one example of how important branding can be to effective advertising. By creating your own brand and then using it consistently – either overtly or subtly – you will be able to make yourself and your products and services memorable.

One of the most important places to brand yourself is online. This is because the internet is the all-time great when it comes to “buzz-makers.” Check your email right now, and you probably have at least 5 emails with links in them to websites, videos and other items of interest. But when you click those links, you will never remember who actually created the content unless it is visible on the webpage itself.

If you want to be remembered by visitors to your website – even if they do not buy the first time they come – then it is imperative that you create memorable content and provide memorable service. On top of this, however, make it easy for people to find you. Make sure that your webpage is unique and bears your brand name proudly so that it can easily be identified as the best in the crowd.

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