The “Missing Link” that Turns Websites Into Literal Wealth Machines

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Not everyone believes in evolution.
That’s just fine as far as we’re concerned,
because that’s not what we want to talk
about today. We think that people can
do as they please as far as evolution goes,
but we do have something to say about

Now, if you are like most people, you
may be tempted to quit reading right
there. After all, that’s a pretty
big controversy to take on.
However, this missing link is not
something having to do with geology
or biology.

This missing link has everything
to do with one of the most important
facets of your life:

The Success of Your Business.

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Have we got your attention now?
Thought so. All savvy business owners
sit up and take notice when their wealth
generation methods come into question.
And it has been proven – over and over
that there is no better or effective way
to generate publicity, positive buzz and
wealth for any business of any type than
through the internet.

“But I know all this already,” you are
probably thinking.“I’ve been online
for years now.”

We’re not surprised – we just said
we knew you were savvy!
But have you noticed that the internet
just isn’t working out quite like you
had hoped for your business?
It is possible that you have.
Even though the internet is one of
the most failsafe ways to generate
income, the numbers for start-up
businesses have not changed much.
To this day, only about 20 percent
make it through the first year, and
you lose another major portion in
the next five. If the web were really
the “magic weapon,” wouldn’t we all
be online millionaires by now?

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The answer, of course, is pretty simple.
Not every website is the same. And even
if you imitate a popular model, if you don’t
know what to do with it then your
competition may easily blow you away.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution:

New Equipment is the Answer.

Think about it this way. If you had a valued
employee that had been with your company
for a long time but was simply no longer
helping your business prosper, what would
you do?

The odds are, you probably would
not kick them to the curb. Instead, you would
try to find a new way to make their skills work
within your company. If you couldn’t, you
might offer them the opportunity to learn
some new skills, or to enhance their
current job training to fit your new needs.

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Your website is a valued employee,
but it is likely behind the difficulties
you may be having with boosting your
business to the next level. But before
you run out and hire a designer,
take a second to look more closely.
Instead of revamping what’s working,
it might be time to add some more juice.

Automation is the Answer

Many companies credit their success to
things like focus on personal service
and a high commitment to excellence.
In fact, devotion to these concepts is
one thing that makes a lot of companies
that have gone online spend hours
and hours of “manpower” following up
in person with every single individual
that encounters their website. While
in theory this is truly admirable,
in practice it is just plain impractical and,
if your company and your website
are even moderately successful, impossible.

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In order to truly make your website
start working for itself instead of spending
all your time working for your website,
you need a way to personally reach out to
every person who encounters your site
without requiring you to sit in front
of the computer all day and pound
away on the keys.
The answer to this is simple although
at first it seems like an unsolvable

Personalized Automation.

Imagine if you could write a personal,
heart-felt note to each person who
encountered your website. You could let
them know how much their business
means to you, and how eager you are
to serve them. You could do this not
in a form letter, but in a highly personalized
email that addresses their particular issues
and concerns. Sound like what you are trying
to do already? Probably so. But can you do it
in under a second? We can. And we can also
show you how.

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The key to generating serious business
with your website is called an autoresponder.
Contrary to the name, autoresponders are
some of the most personal ways
to communicate with customers out there.
In fact, many satisfied customers of thousands
of businesses do not ever realize that their
first interactions online with the company
were automated.

At this point, you are probably thinking
that this website addition sounds
pretty appealing. But you may not
be an experienced email marketer.
In fact, you may not even like dealing
with your website on a regular basis.
If you have not been involved in email
marketing in the past (this is the process
of using a website with an autoresponder
to ramp up sales, publicity and
business goals), then you may feel
reluctant to get involved with another
virtual tool.

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wealth-generation machine that can actually
“give” you a day off when business
is at its peak.

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