The Struggle Is Real…

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Mindset Hack: the struggle is real, here's how to do something to change it. #rockyourlimits #mindset #biztalkMindset Hack: The struggle is real, here’s how to do something to change it.

You feel like running away.
You Try to sit down and write in your journal.
Trying to find the thoughts that have run away from you.
The thoughts that escape your mind.
You thought you had it all figured out.
How you were gonna get out of this mess you created, once again.
I mean that’s what it’s going on here right?
Escaping the pain, shame, the embarrassment of it all.
You “try“ to focus on the positive and all of that stuff that your “supposed to do” to shift your vibration.
You tell yourself “get your shit together. What are you doing? Put on your big girl panties and just do it already”
You beat yourself up.
Nothing’s changed.
You buy into your own BS.
That you’re just not good enough.
You think you have to “figure something out.
There must be something that you don’t know.
You start to search and seek outside of yourself.
Searching and seeking answers that you damn well know are already inside of you, but you just can’t seem to access them.
You refuse to allow yourself to do the “real“ work.
You refuse to allow yourself the time and space enjoyment of working on you.
Sure you work on the surface.
You check all the boxes.
You be a good girl.
You follow the rules.
You follow the directions, of the current guru you are now following.
The current guru that you’re just hired, just enough, to squeak by, to keep up the façade.
But results?
Not much of those just speak about.
Sure, a little incremental success here, and a little incremental success there but real success or real results no not really.
Not results like were promised to you, that you thought you could get.
But, it’s not that guru’s fault either.
You were the one.
Who gave your power away.
Who bought into the lie.
And what it comes down to is you don’t really give yourself permission to do the real “work” of working on you and doing the thing you really want to be doing. But what it really comes down to is you are NOT being the person you need to be.
Not really.
Not always.
Not enough.
It’s too scary.
It’s too unknown.
It’s too much.
Or so you tell yourself.
Because, all of that, is a lie.
A lie designed to keep you stuck exactly where you are, treading water, just barely above your head, but you feel like you are drowning, because, let’s be honest, you are.
But how can you be that person?
You know that person that you need to be, the one you keep dreaming about being, Yeah her.
The version of you that has all the things that you want.
The one that goes all the way in to live your dreams and hopes and desires and actually well be the person you know you could be if you could just get ahead, get through all this struggle.
You know the one I’m talking about.
The one who has all the things does all the things your heart desires.
The one who is helping the folks she really wants to help.
The one who is confident in herself loves yourself, adores yourself, stand up for herself, takes what she wants, unapologetically.
You know the one you see in your visions.
You know the one who comes and saves the day, that pulled you out of the drama, that pulled you out of this mediocre life and this shitty business that isn’t working.
You know this version of you, you dream about her often, if only for a moment.
You know her, the one who swoops in and save the day.
This woman is you.
She’s the one that helps you to get all the things that you want but mostly, mostly she helps you to be.
To be the version of you that you’ve been dreaming about being, the one who has it all, that is happy, joyful, fulfilled, loves herself, loves others, helps herself and others.
Yeah you know her, you dream about her all the time if only for a moment.
That is until your current reality sets in and you are filled with struggle and pain and shame and guilt and regret you don’t want to feel that.
Face that music.
So you stuff it out.
Deeper still.
Deep down where you think it will NOT bother you.
But it does because you also know deep down that it is there and you’re still putting out that energy but you’re not really aware of it, well not really because a part of you always knows.
And it totally shows up in your results or perhaps we should say a lack of results as you cannot seem to out create the struggle you keep living day in and day out.
You wish you would just make it already and get there already, you do, all the things your “supposed to“ do but it just doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Even Though those same things seem to work for other people, those strategies seem to be working for everybody else.
Well, everyone but you.
And of course because it keeps not happening, you keep on “working” really hard and not getting the result that you want, you can’t help but reinforce the idea that you been telling yourself, that you’ve been told for let’s be honest, pretty much your entire freaking life. That you just aren’t good enough.
Once again your self-esteem and self-worth tanks.
And the cycle repeats.
Again and again and again. And you will continue to repeat it again and again until YOU do something to change it.
It’s not your fault.
But it is your responsibility.
I’d love to show you how you can do this, learn to love yourself again, to tap into the infinite power and wisdom already inside of you by getting the heck out of your own way., so you can build your dream biz, help the folks you want to help, and love your life again, or perhaps for the first time.
Are you ready?
I know I am.
Are you ready to go from rock bottom to rocking your bottom line™?
Let’s do this!
I’m ready!
Are you?
xox, Kim
P.S. Only 5 spots available from Rock Bottom to Rocking Your Bottomline™
Step 1: week 1 (3-4 hour deep dive session with yours truly. + access to Rock Your Power digital program)
-> In this deep dive session, you will see who you really are/witness your soulCome face to face with the core fears that are standing in the way of you creating the biz and life you truly desire by digging deep into your subconscious and soul records, get awareness of what is really holding you back.
->Look at your life lessons (what you came here to learn)
->Look at your soul blocks (where there are energy leaks, why you are not able to be who you really are)
Identify your personal drama story so you can use it in your marketing and connect with your ideal amazing clients ?
Step 2: week 3 (2 hour deep dive session with yours truly)
->Make peace with your past and free your fear, energy clearing session, This is where you will be releasing your fear, hurt, pain, shame, guilt and all those lower level emotions that you have been keeping you stuck and I’ll show you how to get your “enemy” on your side + you’ll discover your aligned soul intention to keep you motivated and actually getting results.
Step 3: Power your potential baby. This consists of 4 deep dive sessions ranging from 60 minutes to 3 hours.
We will cover:
-> Week 4 or 5 (Your compelling marketing message)
Week 5 or 6 (biz model creation, packages and ideal clients)
-> Week 6 or 7 (Deep dive planning session so you know what to do, when to do it and what you can let go of so you actually can make more room in your schedule or work less.)
-> Week 8 or 9 (60 minute follow up session to make sure you are on track and getting results.)
The result, you’ll go from Rock Bottom to Rocking Your Bottomline.™
Are you ready?
I invite you to step into your future, I’d love to be your guide.

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