The Top 10 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Small business owners need to remember the most common mistakes often committed when building a business website. It is important that you avoid these mistakes so that you can properly optimize the use of your site to promote your business.

Here are the top 10 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make:

1. Some websites lack concept. Having a distinct concept can help you get your message across to your potential customers without a hitch.
2. An incomplete site is as good as no site at all. It is disappointing for your viewers to click a page on your website only to find out that it is under construction.
3. Uploading poor content is unacceptable to users.
4. Plagiarism or copying the exact content from another source can destroy your credibility as a product or service provider.
5. Uploading false information will not lead to anything good.
6. A disorganized and unattractive layout is considered an eye sore.
7. Having no balance of graphics and text may lead to boredom and disinterest.
8. Hard selling can be annoying. This means that you try to focus more on the product rather than the service you can do for your customers.
9. Not using proper tags and SEO keywords make it hard to increase traffic.
10. Without proper promotion through social media sites and other means will only lead to poor website traffic.


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