There is no price to pay!

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TheresnopricetopayAs I have shared with you, I am starting a new chapter of this journey and heading back to the east coast. I am excited beyond measure and for the most part things have been moving along quiet nicely + smoothly and at record time.

Honestly, I am some times blown away at just how quickly you can change a circumstance in your life when you set your mind to it. I also shared, that there have been some bumps along the way. The latest bump is pretty big, or at least it appears to be that way in my mind at the moment. And I knew that it was actually an opportunity for me to stand up for myself, for what I wanted and to stand in my power.

Which of course I did, and I am continuing to do, which is pretty cool because it wasn’t always this way, I used to have this victim mindset that would say, okay, well you are in the position of power, and even though this is not what I want, I am going to cave. Well, thankfully, I have grown a ton and I recognized this right away, and did not fall victim to circumstance, I said, f*ck that and I stood up for what I wanted and drew a line in the sand so to speak.

And I thought, great, good job Kim, you did, look you are standing, totally unattached from the situation, trusting that it will work out in my best and highest good and the best and highest good for me and my family. Yet, the situation still has not changed, well, not enough yet, that the energy has shifted and there is a different outcome, in fact, we are kind of in limbo. Which is super frustrating, and not the place I want to be, I really don’t have patience if you know what I mean 🙂

So anyway, I have been doing my mindset work, and energy work and journaling, the whole nine yards and then this morning I wake up and I realize, crap there is this old pattern trying to rear its ugly head again. And that is the pattern of sacrifice, or having a price to pay.

You see, when I was a little girl and through my teenage years and even young adulthood, I really did not have a problem standing for myself, I have always been pretty outspoken, and high strung so to speak and you don’t have to guess what’s on my mind, I voice it. And yet, from this young age of speaking out and standing up for myself I developed this pattern of there is a price to pay for standing up for myself.

The truth is, it seemed every time I stood up for myself there was a price to pay, and it usually was in the form of financial sacrifice or worse, physical or emotional or whatever and the price was big and at some point I decided it wasn’t worth standing up for myself because every time I did, I had this price to pay.

This is actually the same thing that tells us we need to work really hard in order to have the biz or life we desire, because after all there is a price to pay to have it all. Well, this is total and utter bullshit, and a lie from the depths of hell that I used to tell myself. I don’t live by this rule anymore which is evident in the fact that over the past couple of years in my biz have been the most profitable, most rewarding, most impactful, and I have worked the least amount of time and actually put my life first.

In fact, this is one of the most important things I help my clients with because these rules we tell ourselves are guiding our life, our biz, our decisions and causing us to sacrifice hand over fist to get what we want, in most cases freedom, and of course, in the pursuit of that, you have anything but freedom when you live by this rule, among others.

So, I thought, cool, I am done with this pattern, but here is the thing about patterns, is they are deeply engrained, and although I have done a shit ton of mindset work, there was still another layer to be peeled away. This was it, that next layer, this feels like a big one, its a huge change for me to make this move and start this next chapter of my life, and biz, everything is changing a result of it, and when that happens, the ego steps in and old patterns appear.

You see, it never really goes away, fear, doubt, patterns, they run in the background, but as you grow and evolve you can shed these layers, and let them go, and can become really good and stopping them in their tracks. I used to not see them until it was in my rear view mirror, now, I nip them in the ass so I can shift them.

And that is what I am doing now, shifting it, because the truth is, there is NO price to pay to have the life you desire, the biz you desire, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself in order to stand up for yourself, or to have the biz or life you desire, you need to take a stand, and trust, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universe wants to give you what you want even more than you want it and then some.

You are inherently worthy simply because you are, and if an old rule or pattern is rearing its ugly head, it simply means its an opportunity for you to stand in your power, and declare what you want and go after it, no price to pay.

If you’d like some help shifting your patterns, old beliefs and cultivating a winning mindset so that you can create the life and biz you desire on your own terms then I’d love to support you in doing that. You can get started here.

Love and blessings,
and remember, #ItsNowOrNever, #RockYourLimits

xox, Kim

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