There’s Nothing Wrong with you!

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You have this aching feeling that you “should” be doing something.

That you “should” be further along.

That you “should” have your shit together.

That you “should” ____


I get it, I have felt it more times than I can count.


And when I do, I can’t help but also feel like, there is something wrong with me.


Perhaps you can relate?


You feel like:

  • You are not good enough.
  • You are not far along enough.
  • You are not worth it.
  • You are not worthy.
  • You don’t have the confidence to do that thing you know you want to do, you know the thing that you actually don’t really even want to admit, because if you did, well, you’d feel less then, because, there is a part of you that doesn’t think it’s possible, that doesn’t think you can actually do it.


Because, after all,

You are NOT where you want to be.

You are NOT being who you want to be.

You are NOT yet, fully living the life you want to have.

You do NOT, yet have the business that you want.


Others do, but not you.


How could you not question yourself?


Seriously, as if there was something that these other folks have that you do not have.

Like they are better than you.

They have their shit together.

They have the confidence.

They have the life.

They have the business.

They have the bank account.


They do NOT consistently sabotage themselves.

They know who they are.


You, on the other hand, well, you feel a little, ahem, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck, lost. Or whatever?


I know, I’ve been there, more times than I care to admit.


The truth is, it does not matter how much “success” I create on the outside, how many things I knock off my goals list, my to-do list, it’s still there.


That nagging feeling.


That nagging feeling of not being good enough.

Smart enough

Wise enough

Together enough

Worthy enough

Worth it.

But you know what?


It’s BS, all of it.


Because the truth is…

You are good enough

Smart enough

Wise enough

Worthy enough

Worth it enough.

You are enough


Your dreams

They are real


So are your feelings.


And the truth is there is nothing wrong with you.


Truly, and really, absolutely, nothing wrong with you.

You are perfectly


Just like all of us.


After All, we are having a human experience.

We are here…

To learn

To grow

To evolve

To become


That’s what life’s about.

And so is business, because, I don’t know about you, but the biggest growth tool I have ever encountered, experienced is my business.


So, no matter, what is going on for you.

Right here

Right now


I want you to know.


That you are enough

You are worthy

You are worth it

You have what it takes

Your dreams are real

And you can have those dreams.

There is nothing wrong with you!


You just bought into the illusion.

The perfect illusion.

That your mind created.

To keep you exactly where you are.


Feeling like there is something wrong with you.


Deep down inside, maybe real deep, but somewhere, you know.

You know who you really are.

But you pretend

That you don’t

That you’re not really that person.


Because shit

If you were that person.

Well, everything would change.


And your subconscious mind.

Not really a big fan of change.

It’s unknown

Its risky

It isn’t safe


And that’s how the enemy gets you

The enemy your mind has created to keep you stuck.

That secret enemy

Inside of you

It’s your blind spot.

It knows exactly where to get you to stop you.

To stop you from taking the action that you know you need to take.

It stops you from taking the action that you know would lead you to exactly where you want to go

It stops you from living your dream

It shatters your self-confidence

Your self-esteem

It dwindles it down

It eats away at you



Your soul is screaming

To get out

To get to your dreams

To be the person you know deep, deep down inside you were born to be

But you just can’t seem to get yourself to be that person

Not for long enough

To make a difference

A real difference

To be able to really get your dreams

To be able to say you have grabbed life by the horns

Because you doubt

And worry

And fear


What if…


What if you aren’t good enough

Worthy enough

Worth it

If you don’t really have what it takes.


Sure, you see other people living your dream

And you might be living a version of your own dream right now

But not really

You know you were born to be more

To do more

To have it all

To love life

To have a business that truly serves you


Yet, you are not quite there.

Your subconscious mind has taken hold.

It has drawn you into its illusion



The truth is

You are good enough

Smart enough

Wise enough

Worthy enough

Worth it


And there is NOTHING wrong with you

You are perfectly, imperfect just as you are.


You just have some more work to do.

We all do.

Our work is never done.

It’s what life’s about.

Don’t you think?

To grow

To evolve

To become


Be more

Want more

Have more

Dream more

To have more


And you can do it


You just gotta get out of your own way.


All you have to do is make the decision

That you are ready

That you are going to live the life of your dreams

That you are going to do it now

Not tomorrow

Not someday

But now

Right here

Right now


Much love, xox, Kim


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