This Might Sting a little but it’s worth it!

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This Might Sting, but it's worth itThere has been something that has been on my mind the past several days and I wanted to talk to you about you and the truth is, it may sting a little but here goes.

I’d like to ask you a question.

Are you creating a job or are you running a business?

You see a lot of times as entrepreneurs we can get hung up on all the “things” we need to do in order to run our business. And before we know it we are off creating ourselves a very expensive hobby and a JOB.

Although, I have to say getting a regular JOB would be much easier, and probably pay better. lol, we tend to be our worst bosses ever and when you don’t intentionally set up your business to run without you then you are creating a job and not a business.

It’s interesting, actually, because I talk with business owners every day and one of the driving factors for creating their business in the first place was to be their own boss, they want to be in control of their destiny, and they want to be doing something that they really love.

So let me ask you.

  • Are you in control? or are your clients and your deadlines, and your tasks?
  • Do you have more freedom?or are you stuck working long hours for little pay day in and day out, no vacation, wait honey, just a minute I will be right there, 3 hours later the kids have gone off to bed and your spouse is in a huff.
  • Are you trading time for money?
  • Can the business exist outside of you?

A lot of times it starts off this way and then somewhere along the line we lose sight of the freedom we sought out and end up creating a JOB for ourselves, ouch, that stings, I know, I did the same thing too, not that long ago in fact, its why I created several signature systems in my business in order to leverage my expertise, my time and my energy. It allows me to have different options for working with clients and engaging with them at all levels, not just the highest level.

The biggest key for me was to actually start doing what I taught my clients, implementing what I taught my clients, instead of telling them, or showing them or doing it for them, I also needed to do it for me too.

Was it work to set up, of course it was, was it worth it, damn skippy it was. 

There are 7 key areas that I developed in my business that allowed me to shift from having a JOB to having a business.

Now, keep in mind you will develop these over time and you don’t have to do it all on your own, in fact, I think that’s part of the point. 🙂

P. Plan your Vision – What do you want to achieve over the next 6 months? and then how are we going to get you there step by step.

R. Re-ignite and fire up your Passion & Purpose – Why are you in business in the first place? to make money but of course, and to have fun! This is really about being in alignment with your life, your business etc, I want to understand your core values, the purpose of your business, your work, etc. this will help with message and marketing later on.

O. Operations and organization – If you want to work less and play more, you need to be organized and you need to have the right systems and operations in place in your biz, bottom line! (I will also give you access to one of my virtual programs where I go into a lot of details on this and walk you through it step by step, with templates, worksheets, etc. This way we can get the most out of our one on one time.)

F. Funnels – How your clients/customers find you (so you aren’t chasing them), this is all about the marketing aspect of your business, this will help you fill your programs and offerings easily and predictably

I. Income Streams – (creating different income streams, active, leveraged and passive and pricing your products and services so that they serve you and your clients)

T. Team Building  – (Having the right team members in the right positions to support your growth, freedom and your biz systems)

S. Strategy  – (this is where the rubber meets the road, bridging the gap between what you want and where you are at now to create the biz and life that fully supports you.)

Ready to work less and make more? Learn more here!

Talk soon.

xoxo, Kim


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