Time Spent Learning versus Time Spent Doing

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If you asked me one of the biggest reasons why many people take so long to achieve their success with Internet marketing I would definitely have to say it comes down to a lack of action. Many people spend so much time learning and learning and yet never get around to actually applying any of the knowledge that they have learned. This is possibly because there are so many products out there that seem to position themselves as a magic pill and that just by buying them many beginners think that they will automatically start raking in the big bucks that they see on the sales page they bought from. Sadly, this is not the case and no-one is going to make any money for you but yourself and your own hard work and diligence.

In order to prevent yourself from turning yourself into an information junkie you will want to have some discipline and make sure you get the fundamentals of making money online mastered before looking into any new scheme which claims it is going to turn you into an overnight millionaire. Sorry to break the news but it ain’t going to happen. However, if you master the fundamentals that are necessary to be successful online then there is no doubt whatsoever that in the long run you will build successful businesses online.

The skills which you should learn before trying anything else are the following:

1. How To Put Up A Website

If you can’t do this you aren’t going to get very far no matter what anyone may tell you. There are many good HTML tutorials online which can be accessed for free and there is also some nice free software like NVU which you can use to get some experience with. If you have some money then investing in XSite Pro is a very good decision and can have you churning out quality websites very quickly.

2. Learn How To Write Sales Copy

This is crucial since if you can’t write Adverts that convert then you are truly wasting your time driving traffic. There are some good books you can buy cheaply to get you started such as Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Sales letter” and you can also get some good advice in the Copwriting section of The Warrior Forum.

3. Learn How To Drive Traffic Using Proven Methods

Start to submit articles, learn the fundamentals of PPC and post informative useful posts on forums related to the topic of your site.

It is best to learn these one by one and build up over time rather than rushing in and getting overwhelmed.

When you have mastered these 3 skills you will put yourself in an excellent position to move onto success in Internet Marketing because you will


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  1. You are so very right this is the best advice you can give anyone.I have known individuals who know so must with master degrees,but they have not implement one single thing

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