Tips on How to Get Your Website Search Engine Ready

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Most people think that once you have your website, up and running, the battle is over. That is actually far from the truth as you would obviously need people to visit your website. A website with no traffic is practically useless, so you would need to make people visit your website and have them subscribe to whatever it is that you are promoting. One of the most effective ways of soliciting traffic into your site is by being reflected in results of search engines. So, the problem now is how to get your website search engine ready, so that your site comes up in search engine results and web surfers can click on links to your site and visit.

There are ways on how to get your website search engine ready. There are do’s and don’ts that concern words reflected in your site. For do’s, a key phrase in your site’s title is essential. Search engines look for keywords in the title located at the top of the website’s script. Know what your site is all about and connect them with your title. For example, you can include “recipes from scratch” or “Asian movie reviews” in your title to attract search engines and make them display your site in their results. Keep your title simple but make it stand out. Overused phrases might just make your site get buried among sites that have the same phrase in their titles.

Another way on how to get your website search engine ready is adding keywords in your meta description more than once. If you have chosen “recipes from scratch” as your keyword, your meta description should be along the lines of “Nothing beats the taste, not to mention the sense of accomplishment from cooking with recipes from scratch. Read on to get more recipes from scratch to taste and experience the difference.” At the same time, do not overdo this meta keyword tip, as a number of search engine penalize entries that contain too many keywords by putting them in the lower tier of search results. The use of the keyword in the meta description or the content three times is enough.

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