Tips on Using Systems to Save Time and Money

Business systems are a recognized way for businesses to save time and money by making their operations more efficient. A business system is loosely defined as a series of processes designed to help an organization achieve a certain objective.

There are many types of business systems, ranging from shipping and inventory management systems that are designed to fulfill a particular function to more general management information systems and knowledge management systems for meeting more general needs such as acquiring information for decision-making purposes.

If you would like to create business systems for your organization, there are some tips that can help you:

  • Decide what needs your organization has that a business system can meet. For example, do you need to make your accounting system more efficient? Do you need to gather more information for strategic, long-term decision making?


  • Choose which type of business system is best suited to meet your needs. Since there may be some overlap between business systems, you may need to decide which one is the closest fit to your particular requirements.


  • Decide which processes need to be included in the business system to meet the desired objective. For example, if you want to improve your accounting system, the processes you may need to include in your system are improved recording of expenses and liabilities, double-checking of entries and more efficient record keeping.


  • Test the system to see how well it meets your objectives. If there are any processes that don’t work, they may need to be changed or modified to better meet the business system’s goals.


  • Document the business system in your operations manual to ensure that it becomes part of your company’s standard operating procedure. This means that staff assigned to implement the system will follow the procedures recorded in the manual.


  • Repeat the procedure for any other business systems that you may need to implement.

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In order to help create more manageable business systems, you might want to divide the organization into more manageable units and implement smaller sub-systems rather than attempting to create a more sweeping and unwieldy one.

It also makes tweaking the business system to address weaknesses and inefficiencies easier since only smaller adjustments need to be made.

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