Truth Bomb: Success is NOT Convenient

So here’s the thing, I talk to inspired entrepreneurs all the time, perhaps you consider yourself an inspired entrepreneur? And there is one thing they all have in common, and I share this trait too, its that they have big dreams and desires they want to make come true, and create in there physical experience.

However, a lot of times, and this is common too, I know I used to play this game, so if you are playing this game and you are getting triggered, it’s okay, know that awareness is the first step to change.

Okay, so the next common trait I see is that they wish and hope and pray that things will change, that their big dreams will manifest into creation, and I see them taking action here, taking action there, but the truth is they are scared, scared to step out of their comfort zone, scared to make a mistake, and scared that what if they are wrong, what will people think, and they hold themselves back, they don’t take the “action” that is required to make a change, they keep doing what they are comfortable with, they don’t take even a small, baby step outside of their comfort zone and low and behold nothing changes, not a damn thing, how could it, you don’t have any momentum for the change.

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Here’s the truth, success does NOT happen by accident and success does NOT happen in your comfort zone, it’s ugly, and scary, lonely, and exhilarating all at the same time, its hard shit, I don’t say that to scare you, I say that because its the truth. And the truth is if you want something you have never had, you gotta do something you have never done before, and do your damn best at it, show up, make mistakes, cry, scream and do it again and again. Being comfortable and being a successful entrepreneur do NOT go hand and hand, you gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable.

It shows in lots of different ways too, at all different levels of success, for instance, you may have an opportunity to go to an event, or coach with someone or sponsor and event, or do a talk, or whatever the opportunity is.

Here’s the thing, all of those things, or any other opportunity you are considering or see in front of you (or don’t see, an opportunity usually comes in the form of stretching you outside of your comfort zone, it looks HUGELY inconvenient, its why so many people miss it if they are looking through the wrong lens, its why I hired my first coach and continue to work with people who lift me and guide me when I just can’t see through the muck of seemingly misfortune and inconvenience)  is going to cause you to do something you have never done before, it’s going to cause you to step outside of your comfort zone, and it’s going to be hugely inconvenient.

Meaning, you are probably not going to want to do it, maybe an event is at an inconvenient or busy time for you, or you have to get on a plane, or you have to spend money, or you have to _____ whatever comes up for you, you fill in the blank, but you get the picture.

The point is, if success was easy and convenient you would see everyone living their dreams, creating their desires, working with clients they want to work with, making the cash they want to make to fund their dreams, but most entrepreneurs don’t make it, its sad fact that the majority of service-based entrepreneurs are making less than 40k per year, I mean seriously, why not just get a JOB, its a hell of a lot easier, and you make a lot more money, I mean you can’t change the world if you can’t even take care of your basic needs.

It’s the time right now, to get outside of your comfort zone, and do what is inconvenient, follow that inner voice that says, I am done making excuses, and be the rock star entrepreneur you know in your heart you can be. The fear will always be there,  it just gets easier to manage, the more you reprogram your mind to walk through the fear the easier it will become, the more comfortable the discomfort will be.

If you are ready to walk out of the fear, stand up, step out, be FREE, speak your truth, attract the best clients, make all the cash you desire, and truly create a life + biz you love, then I want to personally invite you to join me in one of my value-packed programs. Click here to grab all the details and I will see you on the other side!

Love and blessings,
xox, Kim


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