Tuning Up on Internet Marketing In Three Hours

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Drumming up business on your website is not that hard – you just have to reserve three hours monthly to do a little Internet marketing. Though in this fast-paced world, people find it hard to set aside three hours for a simple task, a monthly 3-hour Internet marketing tune-up is a must if results need to be improved.

If you decide to give this exercise a shot, have Google Analytics (or any other Web analytics software) ready and read through this simple tutorial.

The first 15 minutes

After logging in to the analytics software, go to the top keywords report. You need to take note of the unpaid or ‘organic’ key phrases driving traffic. When online readers log in to your site, these key phrases, which are your primary traffic drivers, is what they are looking for.

The next 45 minutes

You would have to search Yahoo!, Google, and Live for each key phrase and find your site listing. Once you find it, click on the listing and note which page the listing leads to.

Write down the first ten pages are they serve as the target pages. You would also need to take note of the 5-10 most-visited pages on your website. These will be your hot pages and will be useful later on.

Armed with that your readers are looking for and where they click to find it, you can go ahead and make changes.

The second hour

For the next hour, you would have to make changes to your target page. The key phrase should always be in the page’s title tag and heading – this may interfere with your SEO plans but if you’re driving more clicks then this step can still be incorporated while making intact the SEO strategy.

The first paragraph of the title page must also have the key phrase – probably emphasized through bold letters. Also, remove any silly errors or unnecessary characters in that page. And ensure that the page can load in 5-10 seconds on a broadband connection else you risk losing visitors.

The last hour

The last hour must be spent in getting the key phrases into your home pages and other hot pages. A couple of suggestions will be to 1) infuse one single ‘hub’ page for your key phrases; 2) have every page nurse a ‘popular’ or ‘featured’ list; or 3) cross-link with relevant products and information. These are just a few suggestions and there are more ways of doing what was suggested.

Sometimes, there are just way too many things to do that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. But three hours is but a small price to pay if it means traffic will surely be shooting up. Simply block three hours every month to follow the above simple steps and business will surely rise.

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