Twitter Your Way Into Building Your Brand

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When Twitter first came out, everybody was apprehensive that it will eventually amount to something. Now, with billions (trillions?) of subscribers, there is no more reason to be apprehensive about using Twitter – especially if you’re a business owner looking into building your brand.

So okay, Twitter only allows you 140 characters to get your message across. How is that enough to let people know about your brand? More than enough – especially if you have planned out exactly what it is you want to accomplish.

There are so many ways to utilize Twitter to your business’s advantage. But here are just a few of them. Read on.

1. Schedule Meet-ups: To be successful, you would have to meet-up with not just customers but also vendors. Twitter allows you to periodically announce upcoming meetings with local users.

2. Feedback Gathering: In 140 words, you can ask your customers questions regarding your products and services. In those 140 words, you get a lot of thoughts from your own customers as Twitter-ing gives way to almost instantaneous replies.

3. Grow Traffic: Almost all businesses nowadays have their own website. Twitter allows you to promote your website and, therefore, increase traffic.

4. Relationship Building: Twittering links of interest makes you worthy of following. Doing this means two things – a) more people will follow you; and b) more businesses of the same nature will want to join your network.

5. Know Who’s Following You: Know just what people think about you by doing a #yourcompanyname search. This way, you’ll have enough information as to how you can possibly improve what you have – or keep those that people already like.

6. Connect With Leaders of the Industry – Almost everyone has a Twitter account nowadays, perhaps even that business person you’ve been admiring for so long now. Get tips straight from that person by checking out his tweets.

7. Promote Content: Sales, product launches, and service offers are best promoted in fewer words – like Twitter. And it even gets the word out faster.

8. Answer Queries: Some people have loads of questions and they want them answered before buying. Twitter gives a venue for asking and answering those questions.

9. Competitive Research: Scope out the competition, check out their Twitter.

10. Contests: People love winning. And by promoting your company contests through Twitter, you get more traffic than you could possibly imagine!


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