Wanna Make a Million Dollars this year?

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1milliondollarbillWho doesn’t right? Many of us dream of having a million dollar business however, it seems that is all we do, dream. Its important to dream, to visualize what it is that you want, I do it every day, its an important step towards achieving our goals. However, the key to creating what it is that you want, in this case a million dollar business you actually need to back that up with action. You can’t just sit on the beach and dream it into fruition, you need to action towards your goals.

Many times, the thought of creating a million dollar business can be overwhelming, and that is likely because of the way that we are thinking about it, and that is because of where we are. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

Creating a million dollar business is easy, you just need to have a plan. If the thought of creating a million dollar business is overwhelming to you I want you to take a step back, first of all, I want you to realize that you have already earned a million dollars, its just that it has taken you several years to achieve this rather than one year, so what we really need to do here is shrink time, if we were able to shrink time we would be able to reach our goal of creating a million dollars.

So let’s collapse time and take it out of the equation. Let’s break this down into 90 day increments, each 90 days of the year is a quarter so you can break down your million dollars into 4 sections of $250k each.

If you are already earning $250k per year in your business you already know how to do it! You just need to collapse the time from 1 year to 90 days.

What I want you to realize is two things:

1 – Its easier to earn 250k in 90 days then it is to earn it in a year and

2 – You will most likely need to change how you create the money in your business.

Now, decide how you want to earn the $250k and then come up with the plan. Once you come up with the plan, you want to break it down by the month, by the week and by the day into manageable task lists, delegate and add to your calendar.

Most people need help coming up with the plan (maybe not all of it – but part of it) and IMPLEMENTING it.  Does that sound like you?  If it does, then join me for a complimentary “Transform Your Business” coaching sessionCLICK HERE NOW to complete the form and schedule your call.




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