Wanna manifest money quickly?

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Are you trying to manifest a sum of money? Are you feeling like its pretty significant, maybe $10k, $20k or more that you want to create, like right now?

Are you feeling discouraged because nothing is happening and all you want to do is create the money but you keep coming up short?

Then stop, stop trying so damn hard to do it.

Stop making the number, whatever it is so damn significant.

Just stop, take the emotion out of it, and detach.

First of all, get crystal clear on how much money it is that you “need” or “want”, like down to the damn penny, know that shit, like your life depended on it.

Next, take the freaking emotion out of it, no, not the fun emotion of actually receiving it, back to that in a minute, the emotion of, oh my God this would change everything, or I NEED THIS, or the significance of the amount, its only money, and money is only energy.

#truthbomb, to the universe it is no different to ask for $17,749.44 then it is to ask for $17.74 its the same damn thing, its only energy. The difference is the charge you put on it, the emotional charge that is, $17k has much more of a weight then $17, so you are making it out to be a big deal.

Think about it, if you needed or wanted $17 by tomorrow would it be that big of a deal? probably not, sure, no problem, I can #trust that the universe can deliver to me $17 by tomorrow, but $17k well, thats a whole other story isn’t it, I mean, there are like 3 more zeros on that, that’s way more and way harder for the universe to deliver, right? WRONG

It makes no difference to the Universe if its $17 bucks or $17 thousand, so take the damn emotion out of it, it does not matter, well, it matters to you, but how has that been working for you? Yea, that’s what I thought, so take the emotional charge out of it.

Now, visualize the shit out of your goal, the end goal, the outcome, the result of having received the $17k, what is the $17k for? This is why we went down to the penny in the first step, see yourself doing whatever it is you are wanting the money for, do it in your visualization, see yourself taking the action, feel  yourself taking the action, what are you wearing, how are you talking, how are yo feeling, what shoes do you have on? Get down to the details and really, really feel that shit, in every ounce of your bones as if you are actually there. Your mind does not know the difference, so live it up, what is the temperature in the room you are in, outside? what can you see out the window, what is playing in the background?  Really drill down and live in it, with the emotion, this is where you want to really feel the emotion.

Next, create a list of 30-50 ways that you could create the money, it can be far fetched, it can be tangible, it can be anything you can think of, get the juices flowing and do not judge anything, remember it does not have to make logical sense, that is not the point, just do it, you will probably want to stop at about 7-10 but challenge yourself to keep going and just fucking do it.

Once you have the list, check in with yourself, and ask, which one of these on the list is in alignment with reaching that goal of money you want to create? Then take action towards that, step by step, start taking action on the item on the list, and then the next one that feels aligned, and then ask again and then the next one.

The key here is to 1) get clear on what you need/want and how you are going to spend the money and when you need it by 2) take the emotion out of the significance of the amount of money, 3)visualize the end result of the money in your hands, 4) get into inspired aligned action

I’d love to hear how this process works for you and what you do to manifest money quickly, share below 🙂

#RockYourLimits, #NowOrNever, #JustFuckingDoIt

xox, Kim


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