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After sometime, you will be thinking of how your online business progresses. You have done your part—creating and designing your own site, the inclusion of all the stuffs that you want to sell, and availing different methods of advertising.

It will now be judged by the web public if that effort is enough to give you what you really deserve. Through web traffic that occurs in your site, you will determine if it really works out the way you planned it.

You can have your own web traffic system, though for majority of website administrators, they hire the services of companies that offer web traffic analysis. They specialized in monitoring the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic in your site, particularly some parts that are most viewed. It helps in expanding and improving further the site.

How these companies track and analyze the amount of web traffic in your website. You can check the preceding section for you to find out.

Web Traffic Analysis Tracking Software

Traffic analysis is one of the imperative aspects of a website. You can not promote your site effectively if you do not know the amount of traffic in your site plus the popular entry and exit points in it.

Professional and commercial web traffic analysis companies use tracking software. It is one of the programs that they are using to analyze web traffic. It informs them more than just the number of visitors in your site, but it can classify visitors according to date, time, browser, pages viewed, and other relative details.

It can tell you the exact path a visitor takes in your site. So it is more than just counting the amount of traffic.
There are three types of tracking software that is used by these companies. These are discussed in the preceding sections.

Remote Tracking System

It is the most popular tracking system. It records all the traffic reporting in a remote server, which you can log on to check your site’s statistics. It is recorded through JavaScript that can be found in your webpage.

Despite of its popularity, this type of tracking system is hardly used by professional traffic analysis companies for some reason. First, it is often inaccurate because the recording is only relying on the connection to a remote server, where requests simply times out. It leads to unrecorded visitors.

Another is that if your system does not support JavaScript, the tracking software is no use at all. Most of the search engine spiders do not use JavaScript and the benefits of analyzing the web traffic on your site are non-existent.

Logging Programs

These are scripts that are installed on your server that generate log files. It enables you to control what is logged and what is not, thus you can track the pages that you want to track.

Another advanced feature of this type of system is that you can use it to track links from your site as well. It will give you an idea how much traffic you are sending in a link exchange.

Log Analysis Programs

It analyzes your server logs that will serve as basis in reporting intercepted traffic in the site. It includes advance filters that allow you to determine exactly what you want to be reported, although most of the time it reports everything that is saved in the log files.

Benefits of Web Traffic Analysis Companies

As stressed in the previous sections, the reason why we hire such companies is to help us improve our sites.

Forced shutdowns of sites are caused by improper handling of web traffic, especially of huge one. It is important to have such aforementioned tracking software to have a daily estimate of the visitors in your site. It will also save you from damages that can be caused by virus-carrying files.

Web traffic is not just your visitors and the transfer of millions of data or files. Your business is at stake here; so do not ever neglect all the aspects of your site. Either you profit or lose money will depend on how you manage your site.

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