What Are SOPs and Why You Need Them

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As they say, steps should always be followed before you can reach success. How you stick to those time-tested rules can determine if you will make it big or not. This is where a rulebook – popularly known as the Standard Operating Procedure or SOP – comes in. This term has been used in all kinds of contexts, ranging from home businesses to multinational companies. In fact, this term is also used by non-business entities such as the military and education. There is a reason why this is so.


Technically speaking, a standard operating procedure is a set of rules filed in writing. Moreover, while there are parts of the SOP that can be left unwritten, they are still written most of the time.

Why is it so? The purpose of writing and compiling all these rules is to ensure that nobody in the group, team, or company forgets any of those rules and necessary steps for every single situation. People do forget sometimes, and new members often do not exactly know what the rules are.


So creating an SOP gives everybody something to remind themselves with at all times. However, it is equally important for the management to ensure that each rule is enforced properly and at all times.


Another reason why SOP is important can be seen on the meaning of the acronym itself. It explains a procedure, a certain and specific process that must be followed at all times. Following a process is important to protect any of these values: quality, safety, and consistency. Skipping steps can compromise any of these 3 values, with potentially bad consequences. This is why a set of SOPs are needed, bearing more significance than just being a rulebook. It tells you what you should do for just about any moment.




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  1. Renee King says:

    I agree. SOPs really is just a means of getting back to the basics. There really is no need to reinvent the wheel again. It helps to keep everyone on the same page and accountable.

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