What are you denying?

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What are you denying to yourself? What is it that you are so scared of? That thing that you keep hiding, pushing down, hoping and praying that no one will ever find out yet secretly want to out yourself so you can finally be free.

You know, that thing that holds you back, but you don’t know that it does, the thing that keeps you playing small, and keeps you down, and scared. The thing that tells you, you are not good enough, you do not matter, you are not worthy, no one could possibly love you, or buy from you, you are a worthless piece of shit.


Yeah, that thing, the thing that you keep on denying, that you keep on pushing down, the thing that you are so scared people will find out about you and secretly (or not so secretly) judge you for.


Yes, that thing, that piece of your story, that piece of your history, the one you are so scared of.


Do you know what that is?


It’s your power!


I am going to say that again, so that it can really sink in.


It. is. YOUR. POWER!


The thing you try and deny the most, the thing you are most scared of people find out, the thing, you must judge yourself about, the measuring stick from which you keep telling yourself, you are not good enough, wise enough, pretty enough, important enough, smart enough, you are not enough.


That is the thing that is holding you back.


That is the thing that is controlling your secret thoughts.


The thoughts that are creating the shitty reality you are living in.

Sure, you get it under control at times and you have created some successes in your life and biz in spite of those fears and those thoughts, and you can keep them at bay. Well, for a while. Until you get too big.


Who do you think you are?

Oprah or something?


Come on, get over yourself.


You cannot have sustainable success, a business that truly supports you, a life you truly love.


Nope, you never will.


And do you want to know why?


Its because you refuse to accept who you are.


You constantly judge who you are, I’m not good enough, worthy enough, I’m too scared, I’m just _____


Do you know how you get over it?


So that you can finally create the life and biz you love?


Embrace that shit.


Stop being scared of that shit.


Get that shit out of the closet.


No, you don’t have to declare it to the entire world, like me, I am leading a revolution, and I am in the trenches with you, and this is what I am called to do, that does not mean you need to publically out yourself, not necessarily. No, you can do that in the comfort of your own home, in your office, in your journal. But you do need to out yourself, you need to bring light to that shit. You need to own that shit like your life depends on it.


And until you do, you will continue to feel less then, not worthy, not good enough and you will not be able to create sustainable success, because, you will constantly and eventually sabotage yourself, because these secret thoughts that you are not aware of, those are the thoughts that are creating your reality right now.


Those are the thoughts that will continue to create your reality, forever, and forever.


Until YOU, decide to do something about them.


Until YOU, decide to out them.


Until YOU, decide you are worth it, there is nothing to prove here, you were born worthy, you are enough, you are whole. But if you keep on denying this part of you, that scares the shit out of you, you will continue to struggle, feel less than, not worthy, not good enough, and that fear, it will control you.


It’s your choice, you get to choose, you always get to choose, it’s our greatest gift.


Do you want to know what else is your greatest gift?


This thing you are scared to talk about, this thing you try to deny about yourself, the thing you try to hide, the thing you built the facade around, the wall around, the mask you put on to cover it up.


It’s time, to take off the mask, to break down the wall, to break down the facade.


It’s time to be free.


Isn’t that why you started this business in the first place?


To be free?

You can make an impact, make a difference and make a darn good living in the process, for me, it’s all about Freedom, it’s one of the values I hold nearest and dearest to my heart. And if you are reading this, I suspect that is the case for you as well.

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Much love, xox, Kim

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