What are you trying to prove?

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ProveWhat are you carrying around with you that makes you feel like shit yet you carry it around like a badge of honor?

You work really, really hard, you try really really hard, you put in the hours, you put in the time, you go to the seminars, you take the training, you do all of the work and you try really really hard but you don’t get the result.

You’re doing the wrong work.

Because deep down inside you feel like shit, you feel like you don’t matter, you feel like you’re not worthy, you feel like how could it be easy, this shit is hard!

See you carry your shit around like a badge of honor so you can feel good about yourself to prove how worthy you are to create the success that you want and make the money you want like you can’t have it without the struggle well is this true or is it other bullshit?

The crazy thing is carrying it around makes you feel like shit but you do it anyway because it’s what you know.

That’s a choice.

The holding onto the struggle that is a choice you don’t have to hold onto it but you are choosing to hold onto it.

If you can get clear as to why you are carrying around that shit like a badge of honor, and what you’re actually getting out of it well then you can change it.

Because the truth is you’re getting something out of it because if you weren’t getting something out of it, guess what you to stop doing it.

But you’re not.

Here’s the thing how our subconscious mind works we are always getting something, there’s always some reward, there’s always some payoff like of course there is otherwise why do we do it?

It makes no sense so if you can get your fix from something else from something thats actually productive, something that actually serves you, something that allows you to reach your goals, you can let go of the struggle, drop the bag of shit you’re lugging around, you could be free!.

Yes it really is that simple it’s like you’re getting high only your drug of choice is the struggle, it’s the shit you carry around, and why?

Because deep down, really deep down, you’re hurting, you’ve been programed to think that you’re not worthy of receiving what you want without paying the price for it because you don’t get anything for free.

Nothings for free?

There’s always a price to pay and since you are not valuing your own worth and realizing that you are worthy of receiving simply because you are.

Simply because you are.

Well then you create all this drama and struggle and chaos and all this other BS, to prove how worthy you are of receiving.

Like look at me I deserve to have this because look what I had to do in order to get it, look at all the shit I had a muddle my way through, look at all of the drama I had to endure, all the chaos, all the uncertainty, all the BS.

It’s all BS.

All of it, is BS.

There’s nothing to prove!

You don’t need to prove your worth to anybody, to the universe.

You are worthy of receiving what you desire, simply because you are.

You can let go of the struggle, the struggle is a choice, there’s no price to pay.

Unless of course you decide there is a price to pay well then everything changes, because what you believe, becomes your truth, so if you think there’s a price to pay, meaning you have to struggle you have to fight your way to the top you have to do shit with people that you don’t want to do it with, and work really really hard, to create a success, then guess what?

You’re going to have to work for it baby, it’s going to be really hard, you’re going to struggle, there’s going to be chaos, there’s gonna be a drama, you’re going to want to give up, because it’s so freaking hard.

But you have a choice, you can let go of the struggle, you can let go of the drama, you can let go of the chaos.

You can make a new choice, right here, right now!

A choice, that allows you to receive with ease, that allows you to be open to the success that you were designed for, but programmed to think it was hard, it’s a choice.

The choice is yours.

What do you choose?

You can make an impact, make a difference and make a darn good living in the process, for me, it’s all about Freedom, it’s one of the values I hold nearest and dearest to my heart. And if you are reading this, I suspect that is the case for you as well.

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Much love, xox, Kim

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