What Is a Standard Operating Procedure?

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sopWhat is a SOP? SOP stands for standard operating procedure. This is a line of command used to enforce specific business operations. One company may have a different SOP compared to a similar company. The type of SOP enforced within an industry highly depends on the managerial style of the owner.



  • Most of the protocols under an SOP are monotonous. This means that because the procedures are rigid, the employees who are under the company are required to follow them no matter what.
  • The standard operating procedures are unchanged. While there may be room for more improvements of these systems, they remain the same way because they have been tried and tested as effective methods in maintaining order in the company. Moreover, this will help prevent disruptions in the variable corporate tasks.
  • These procedures are often prioritized in such a way that the employees are bound to perform the least effective methods first before trying out a more intense but more effective means to accomplish a task.
  • The standard operating procedures are efficient because the methods listed under the protocol are sequenced in a logical manner.
  • These operating procedures are practical for frequent use because these aid in reducing the time that you have to spend in completing a certain corporate task.



  • Provide instruction for proper project layout
  • This is implemented to improve the administration and delegation of tasks for each department of the company.
  • The standard operating procedure will ensure that the integrity of the products and services that the company provides meet the standards that the company has initially set.
  • This will serve as the basis for implementing other systems to increase the efficiency of the company.



  • You need to be specific about the procedures that you will formulate for your SOP. That way, you will not confuse your employees by asking them to perform ambiguous lines of actions.
  • Consistency is one of the most important keys in making your system work. If you ask your employees to perform their task under the system, you should do the same, provided that your corporate role asks for it. This will help you gain positive reputation as well.
  • Constant evaluation is necessary to help you standardize the procedures better.


These are just some of the things that you have to know about the standard operating procedures. Overall, experience still plays a major role in formulating an effective system that you can use for your company.

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