What Is an Online Business Manager and Why Do I Need One?

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There are many business owners who find themselves juggling various employees and contractors.  They have virtual assistants, personal assistants, web designers and advertisers – just to name a few.  And yet they still find themselves buried under so much work that they aren’t able to do what they should be doing – running a growing company.

These are the types of business owners who need an OBM.  But why don’t they have one?  Simply put, many of them don’t even realize that such a person exists.  They realize they need help, but they aren’t sure what type of help.

An OBM will typically be qualified to help the business owner with the following:

  • Advertising/Marketing Plans
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Product Research and Development
  • Business Training Manuals
  • Budgets/Payroll
  • Managing other employees and contractors.

If you are a business owner who finds themselves in such a position….just imagine the opportunities an OBM can afford you!  With the addition of a single person – even part time – you will suddenly have the time and resources once more to focus on what you do best:  building your business.  If you find that you are spending all your time on the minutia and not enough time growing and building toward greater success, then hiring an OBM may be the right move to get you back on track.


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