Where do you stop?

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KimBeckerswithDavidNeagle2I just got back from a 4 day event with my coach and mentor, David Neagle, there is a picture of us to the left here. The event was The Breaking Free Live Experience, not only was I a sponsor I was also on the success panel where I got to share my story with more than 250 people. For those of you who follow me I am sure you have noticed some transitions over the last several months, and it has all been a part of this process of “breaking free” that’s right, “breaking free” not breaking through the blocks, but free of them.

The first day of the event the showed the movie “I am Alive” a heart wrenching documentary of a fatal plane crash in the Andes mountains caused be inaccurate thinking, most people think the plane crash was due to human error but the fact of the matter is it was due to inaccurate thinking and the human error was merely an effect.

The jest of the story for those of you who have never seem the movie is a tale of a rugby team that was flying to Chile for a Rugby match, they charted a Air Force plane to take the team and several family members to Chile for the match, they flew into the Andes mountains and were strained, several people died instantly and others were wounded terribly. After more than 2 months in the middle of no where in the Andes mountains 2 brave men decide to take their faith into their own hands and trek across the unknown and they left the fuselage and as a result saved not only their lives by the lives of several others who would not have made it out of the mountains if it were not for these two men.

STOPThis movie really got me thinking, several months ago, I too left the fuselage, I packed up my kids and drove 2000 + miles across the US to escape and abusive past that was heading me to destruction and ultimately death. No matter what life throws at me, I know it is all for the greater good, to teach me, so that I can learn and grow, so that I can help other people, learn and grow and be free.

I no longer stop, do you? Really be honest with yourself.

Where do you get to the point that you are so uncomfortable that you give up, you stop going for your dreams? You stop following your desires and start following the fear into perceived safety? God never speaks to us from FEAR, if you are in fear than you are not following your heart’s desire, you can change that, and you can change that on a dime, just like I did. If you want to discover where you are stopping and what the next steps are to achieve your desires and dreams, click here to schedule your own complimentary transformation session and get clarity on where you are stopping and what are the next steps to move forward. I hope to see you on the other side of your fear!





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