Why Every Business Owner Needs a Blog?

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Communication plays a vital role in any business especially in its marketing. It is a means to inform the public about the products and services and it is one of the best ways to influence or convince the consumer/prospect to take out their wallet. However, according to psychology, most of the time the prospects are only affected by a marketing strategy if it is able to stir up their emotions.

Before, a business could only convey its messages to the market through word of mouth, print ads and TV & radio commercials. That was until  blogging was introduced in the late ‘90s. Several technology savvy people would engage themselves in blogging for they enjoy disclosing their personal thoughts. In their blog sites, they can include texts and images. The content is arranged chronologically, with the latest entry placed on top of the page. It is only recently that blogging became a tool to promote the business’ expertise and communicate with prospects.

There are some business owners who only have basic knowledge about the internet. However, they could have someone who can expertly do this online activity for them – they can rely on online business manager.

But why is blogging important to every business?

Basically, with the internet’s global presence, blogging can enable one’s business to reach millions of people from all over the world. And with its right and popular keywords, the company site is positioned on top of search lists; hence it drives more traffic. Next, it is the most convenient and cheapest way for the clients to express their queries and suggestions by posting in comments section. And from these, the owner can gain new ideas and insights into its prospects and customers.

Also, since everyone is online, blogging can be one way to stay competitive with the players in the same industry. Lastly, credibility is established. By providing updated and relevant information, people are encouraged to trust in one’s business.


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