Why Problems are a Gift!

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It sounds a little contradictory, right? Problems are a gift? At first glance, it may appear that we don’t want problems. However, when we dig a little bit deeper we realize that every problem we experience is actually a gift, a gift that takes us closer to what it is that we want.

Let’s say for instance we have a problem of not having enough money or not enough clients. On the surface, this seems like a problem, after all, why would we actually want to experience this in our business?

The great thing about problems and why I consider problems to actually be gifts in disguise is that they are a tremendous opportunity for growth. You see, problems are just showing us where we need to next grow, in our lives and in our business. It is really that simple.

Okay, so back to our problem of not having enough clients, we don’t have enough clients and so we look to solve this problem. But first, we need to understand what the actual cause is. Doing this will allow us to begin to solve the problem. Since I am all about systems, I look there first. That is of course after I realize that this “problem” is just an opportunity for me to grow!

I start thinking about what kind of system can I put around this issue so that I no longer need to experience this problem. The issue of not having enough money or enough clients is actually a common problem I help many of my clients solve! I am going to give you a quick run down here so that you can start to put a system in place around this so you no longer need to experience this problem in your business.

Let’s say for example that you go to a networking event, or you meet some people, you gather their business cards and then the cards sit on your desk or in the corner of your office for months or even years. You get to the point where you don’t feel like you can even reach out to these people because you’ve taken too long to follow up with them.  Then you begin the process again in order to get more business cards and start the non-productive cycle starts over again.

Instead, try taking these steps to break that negative cycle:

  • When you meet someone you set up a call with them right then and there.
  • Also, ask them if they would like to be added to your list so that you can stay in touch.
  • Write some notes on the back of their business card so that you can remember who they are, also note if this is a potential client, a colleague and/or a potential strategic partner.
  • Once you get home you and/or your assistant can enter the contact information into your CRM system as well as add them to your auto-responder system (as long as you got their consent).
  • Next, if you have not already set up a call with them when you meet in person, use your CRM tool to prompt you via a “task”  to set up calls with these people you just met and send an email right away that expresses how you enjoyed meeting them.

This is a system that is really simple and will allow you to stay top of mind and get your contacts into your database so that they don’t fall through the cracks.

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