Why You Need a System in Your Biz?

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upwardspiral copyA business is an endeavor that is primarily entered into for self gain.  The concept of gain is usually in the form of profits i.e., capital, non capital assets, cash on hand, etc. However, it is not necessarily confined to this realm. Gain can also mean any other form of return that  is incapable of pecuniary estimation i.e., the joy of  giving, pride in one’s self, and assurance  of self worth.

In order to achieve maximum gain, a business should be run systematically.  This means that there should be specific guidelines within which any act or omission can be repeated and gauged for future reference.  Conventional wisdom dictates that this system should be learned in a traditional school and classroom environment.  However, we have progressed so much in terms of information dissemination and assimilation that it can now be done over the internet or via remote access.  It can even be conducted via audiovisuals and the written word. As such, there really is no excuse!  We can no longer say we did not have a system because we had no means of getting the same.

Some of the more important reasons for building a business system, from the ground up, are as follows:

  • Effectivity:  A system allows the business to pick a specific target and then work to meet that target. This means that everything that is done has a goal or a singular purpose. Simply put, it does what it is supposed to do.
  • Efficiency:  Pursuing a singular goal is good, but doing so with the least expenditure, and with very little time lost is better. This is especially true with startup companies or small business enterprises which have very little capital and manpower to spare.
  • Repetition:  A business is an enterprise that makes use of specific acts and omissions done in specific order based on a given situation.  By repeating endeavors that result in gains, and doing it as many times as possible, then profits can not only be maintained, but increased.
  • Assessment:  Repetition is good only if the right acts and omissions are repeated and vice versa. The process of an audit can help identify what was done right and what was done wrong. This is not for the purpose of assigning blame but for increasing effectivity and efficiency.

If you notice, the end of the enumeration goes back to the first two reasons, effectivity and efficiency. Hence, there is a cycle. Visually or graphically speaking, a business system should not result in a full circle. There is no progress there! Rather, it should be an upward spiral. This indicates an unending cycle of progress and gain by reason of the utilization of a system.

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