Why You Need An Ezine (Online Newsletter)

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Your online business manager may advice you that you need an Ezine for the following reasons:

You can regularly keep in touch with your site visitors through Ezine

Keeping in touch with your site visitors is important because potential clients do not usually buy on the 1st time that they visit the site. They first need exposure to your offering a couple of times (usually up to 7x) before they decide to purchase. Having an Ezine allows regular contact with these possible buyers. It gives them a reminder that your business is just there and ready to provide you with the product or service they need whenever they decide to revisit the website.

Through Ezines, potential clients need not visit your site again and again to receive sales and marketing information regarding your offering. This type of information will just be relayed to them through email. The message can in fact be a rich source of information for them as it could also contain tutorials as well as other articles complementary to the company’s offering. Each Ezine edition could in fact contain sales information targeted to your potential clientele.

You can build trust and relationship with your site visitors through Ezine

If your online newsletter presents high quality and useful content, then those subscribing to it will gain your trust as an opinion maker. The readers would feel as if they know you. Building trust and building relationships is important because only then would they click on your link and buy from you.


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