You Are a Child of God

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YOU are a Child of GodIt reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Marianne Williamson. “You are a child of God, you playing small does not serve the world”.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, most it not all of us have heard this before, but what does that really mean?

I recently came to this shift in perspective I am about to share with you and that I have shared with my clients over the past week and its quiet interesting. It literally changed everything once I made this realization.

Okay, so enough suspense already, lets get to it.

You are a child of God, if we look at this from the point of view of how your relationship with your kids are “supposed” to be, meaning you take care of your kids because you love them, you give them what they want because you love them, you give them more than what they even know they want, because you love them, and it gives you great joy!

I actually, did not have this experience as a child, in fact, I had a pretty shitty childhood, to say the least, I won’t go down that rabbit hole right now, but lets just say, it was far from the above. When I did get provided for, there was a hefty, hefty price tag associated with it, I had to give up something in order to receive something and it really messed with my creating abilities later in life.

In fact, up until recently it was pretty darn hard for me to give up control to the Universe/God/Source because I always felt like there was a price to pay, if I want this, then I have to give up that. If I want to make more money, then I have to give up more of my time for instance, as if there was not enough, and that God was limited and that I could not just have what I wanted because I wanted it.

Here is the truth, the laws of the Universe state that what you desire, desires you as well, and you cannot have a desire for something without the way to manifest that desire to be true, you literally could not have the thought of wanting something if you could not receive it. Pretty cool right, but what about the “I have to give up something in order to receive something” deal?

Well, I started looking at my relationship with my own kids, and healthy relationships that others have with their own kids, and guess what, there is no sacrifice, or lack or you can’t have that, you are not provided for. In fact, when I examined this, I found that I so desired to give my kids so much more then they even knew they wanted, and so did others who had this relationship. I simply wanted to give my kids what they wanted and to provide for their needs because I want to, because its my job as their parent, because it gives me great joy.

Well, guess what, it works the same with God, in fact, God loves us so much that we cannot even begin to imagine or understand the eminence love that God has for us in this human experience. God’s love is infinite and unconditional, we really don’t have that in this human experience, but we have glimpses of it.

So what if you shift your perspective to this, that all you have to do is simply ask for what you want, from that place of knowing that God wants to provide for you and give you want you desire and then some?

What would be possible for you?

I would love for you to share with me your thoughts below.

And if you’d like to chat about working together so that I may help you make these changes in your own life and biz, just go here to get started.

Much love,

xox, Kim


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