You Don’t Have to do it Alone

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isolated womenI used to think that I could do it all on my own. I tried for years in fact, yet I remained stuck at the same point in my business no matter what I did. It was really puzzling to me when I started my service based business because it wasn’t like this was my first business and it wasn’t like I did not know what I was doing.

Quite the contrary in fact, I was damn good at what I did, I could see things that others just could not see, I could see the vision, hold the vision, and then use the right strategies to follow through and make the business a success and change 100’s of lives in the process. This was no new feat to me, I had done it with my plus size lingerie business that I ran from a spare bedroom in my home more than 7 years ago.

I like you started a business because I wanted freedom, I wanted to be able to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and make a darn good living in the process. So I was really puzzled, why I was able to create something from nothing, and turn it into a multi 6 figure business in less then 6 months selling lingerie online from my spare bedroom yet when it came to selling my services, ahum, not so much. It wasn’t easy, in fact, it challenged me in many ways, because although I did not know it at the time, it was in fact, very different. I was no longer selling a piece of lingerie, or a security camera or shoes, (just some of the other business I have created and sold over the years) I was actually selling me. The ironic thing was that I only ventured into this arena of selling my services based on my past successes of creating businesses of my own and others and decided I really love helping people create freedom and cash and I love business, so why not.

I hung my shingle out, so to speak yet I stayed stuck at the $20k mark in my business for more than 4 years, that was until I finally decided to get some damn help and realized, wait a minute, I don’t need to do this on my own. You see what was standing in my way of my success was me, I couldn’t see it though because I was “so smart” I helped 100’s of people create business, leverage businesses using the latest and greatest internet marketing tools, you’d be surprised, these are big name marketers, I know, I was on their team, they are making millions of dollars yet, here I was making a measly $20k a year, I mean seriously I could do that in a month in the lingerie business selling an average order of $75.

Here’s what I realized though, it really wasn’t the same thing and just because I actually knew how to do it did not mean I was getting the result. The cool and not so cool part was that I was the only one standing in the way. Once I hired my first 6 figure coach, let me tell you that sure lit a fire under my butt, I stepped outside of comfort zone in many ways. Within in several weeks I had my first 5 figure month and although, I learned lots of lessons doing things the hard way, as in not listening to my inner guidance through the experience I sure did learn a heck of a lot, which makes me even better at the work I do with my clients. Oh, and the best part is that I know what not to do and I can teach my clients the same thing. It’s always about being a guide for my clients, to what is right for them, not what is right for me.

If you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level, let’s talk to see how I can best support you if that speaks to you, if not the point is you don’t have to do it alone, you don’t even have to get my help, but get someone’s help. Click here to talk about how I can help!

You can check out some of your products here and we will be announcing a new one soon so be on the look out.

Love and blessings,
xox, Kim


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